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Brian Felber is the Lead Video Editor for J&Z Strategies.

Brian is an Emmy Award-winning Editor and Producer for TV, Film and Virtual Reality content with over 12 years experience in Post-Production. He is a member of the Local 700 Motion Pictures Editors Guild.

Previously, he served as the Head of Post-Production for Mandt Media and Lead Editor for Legacy Films. He is equally proud to showcase his work on the award-winning film "Lost & Found", featuring Cary Elwes & Jason Patric, which won the Benton Film Festival award for "Best Family Drama" last year.


Recently Brian received a Clio Award for excellence in advertisement for his work on the Philadelphia Eagles "Road to the Super Bowl". He has been involved in creating immersive content for Disney, Mattel, College Football Playoffs, Formula One Racing and the NFL. While his focus is centered around post production, his experience spans across the spectrum from Director of Photography down to Story Producing. He has Produced and Directed his own content for TV, Film, and recently with Virtual Reality.


Above all things, Brian thrives when working in a creative space with other story-tellers to collaborate and invent new ways of engaging audiences. His work has been reviewed and admired by top players such as Bob Iger, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Academy Award-winning Producer, Brian Grazer, to name a few.

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