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Howie Morales Case Study


Despite being neck-and-neck in fundraising with his chief rival, State Senator Howie Morales dominated the race for New Mexico Lieutenant Governor, securing a resounding 46% of the vote in the highly contested June 2018 three-way Democratic primary election contest. Our firm produced and placed compelling, break-through media for Morales, airing ads on broadcast television and cable in rural and urban communities across the state. The TV combined with our robust pre-roll and social media driven digital ad campaign not only built Morales’ name ID and cemented his brand across the state, but it also attached him with top-of-mind issues for New Mexico’s Democratic voters - senior care and education - policies at the core of Morales’ agenda. This effort helped propel Morales to a resounding victory on election day in the primary, and undoubtedly, helped him and his general election running mate sail to victory in November 2018.

Television and Digital Media

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