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5 New Mexico Judicial Races IE


These headlines speak for themselves: "Democrats poised to sweep five top statewide judicial spots," along with, "Women dominate Court of Appeals," and finally, "the only campaign that seemed to break the mold this year...But even well-placed Republicans admitted the ad was sharp..." In working for our client in New Mexico, the Safety and Justice for All PAC, we flipped five major statewide judicial contests red to blue - electing Democrats to the State Supreme Court and four women to the Court of Appeals.


From creating eye-popping, creative advertising showcasing Republican judges as puppets of then-Republican Governor Susana Martinez (the Susana 5), to branding the Democrats as the alternative (the Justice 5), we aired our innovative advertising on statewide broadcast television and cable, and also developed websites to house our digital ads -- all with messages that clearly penetrated the electorate, resonated, and propelled the following five Democrats to the bench: Michael Vigil for Supreme Court, Kristina Bogardus for State Appeals Court, Jacqueline Medina for State Appeals Court, Briana Zamora for State Appeals Court and Megan Duffy for State Appeals Court.

Television and Digital Media


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