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No on RRR Case Study


In a true political stunner, our firm led the campaign to defeat Los Angeles’s citywide Charter Amendment RRR on the November 2016 ballot. The measure at one point had a lead by as much as 44 percentage points in the No on RRR campaign’s internal polling. Given the yes side’s strong initial polling and the steep hill our effort needed to climb in order to win, we defied all conventional wisdom by pulling off arguably one of the biggest upsets in Los Angeles on the November 2016 ballot. Not only did we start with a gigantic polling deficit, but we also went up against L.A.’s widely popular mayor along with every member of the Los Angeles City Council. Combined, our campaign, which included strategically placed cutting-edge television advertising, citywide direct mail, a robust digital ad campaign, field outreach, public relations and coalition building, we helped ensure that our side prevailed at the ballot box with a jaw-dropping victory.

Direct Mail

Television and Digital Media

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